MERE MineTech Island Game

Mine Lithium and travel to Mars! Sounds challenging, but we tried to make it as easy and fun as possible within this mobile game.

We recently created the MineTech Island educational game for UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering to show potential students what technologies are shaping the industry now and into the future. We are really happy with the style, the animation and the story within the game.

A Two-way Digital Twin – Physical and AR Excavators

Pretend you’re a student who has to learn how to drive an excavator… Imagine if you could learn the practical operation of construction machinery by placing augmented reality (AR) models of equipment in your room to practice with. Then imagine if in class you could wirelessly connect your digital model to a real-life model and control the Physical Twin to showcase your skills. Imagine further that the operator of the physical model could then take over and control the real excavator with its movements replicated on your Digital Twin!

How can AR help construction and mining?

Augmented reality (AR) can add value to mining and construction projects in a variety of areas. In this article I present three of my favourite applications and explain the pros/cons of some common AR hardware options.

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New Showreel

Our new Showreel is out with some of our favourite projects! Thank you to all of our clients that have supported us over the years. We look forward to working on some exciting projects in 2021!

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Immersion Rooms for Property Displays

In the last couple of years, immersion rooms have become a popular feature in high-end property sales displays. The immersion room is a dedicated theatre inside a display where potential buyers get to experience a highly immersive film or virtual walkthrough of the project.

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